Friday, March 19, 2010

Borough Market = mushroom pate

When I find something I love I marry it. Seriously. Of course I'm not talking people here I'm talking food. For example, when I find myself in Philadelphia I don't like to leave without Bequet's sea salt caramels. When I'm at Central Market in Lancaster I always have a peanut butter long john from the Amish man at the corner. I have favorite lunch time and dinner time meals at almost every restaurant I've been to more than once. So, in the event that the first thing I try at a restaurant I fall in love with you will have a terrible time trying to convince me I want something else. Perhaps that's why I like you all so share things. In any event, the first time I went to Borough Market ago I happened across a little stand called Pate Moi. It was just a small stand, an unassuming guy and free samples. Heaven. I chose the worst most chaotic day to visit this London institution but as soon as I tasted this pate it was love. I don't think I've been back to the market without buying some. There are many ways one can eat this pate but the absolute best is on freshly baked baguette. If you come to London we will definitely indulge ourselves. There's also a little English cheese stand right beside it....but I'll save that description for another day.

Friday, March 5, 2010

March is for Mushrooms

It's spring, which means there is rain and things are growing, and mushrooms are plentiful. OK, so it's not spring yet, its still snowing, and I could have chosen something green and pretty that grew in the spring. BUT, I love mushrooms, and want new ways to make them delicious. So, throw some new and creative ways out there to make fungus fun. And delicious. We are all about the deliciousness.