Friday, January 8, 2010

Who's game?

So, who all is in?  And Courtney-- is the first topic Lemons?  And how long do we have?  A month? or till the end of January?  I ask these questions in part for clarification and in part to make sure I could log out of my own blog and post here.  Seems like I might be able to! :-)


  1. I think Jacquie, Courtney and Kari are in for sure. I am not sure who posted this....Peggy? And I don't know about Cody or not. January's common ingredient is lemon....instructions are in the left had column under "What We're Doing." So we all have until the end of January to do something with a lemon or alternately to eat something somewhere or find a cool lemon recipe.

    One side comment - when you leave a post or comment it would be helpful to add your name at the bottom so we know who it is.


  2. Nope-- Jacquie, yes it was me.... I couldn't figure out that I needed to log out as me and log in as this... now I've got it.... sorry for not being clear--Jacq

  3. Cody is in too, he's already bought lemons. If you make a comment it posts who you are-- but if you log in as "the blogger" then you'd need to id yourself.. Cody suggested we can actually make it a group blog... I don't know enough technologically to say more than that-- but he will when he gets to it. And right now I am supposed to be writing a sermon with him and Lindsay Beck-- so-- enough fun, back to the sermoning. :-)

  4. Oh group blog! That woud be amazing. I am not savy enough with the blogging to know about that either. He should definitely change this to a group blog when he has the time. PS - I took one of the cupcake cards from the deck you got me last year. It's lemon and delicious! I will be trying it next week. I am still in writing mode this week. ugh